Life is already full of difficult trade-off and choices. Your skincare regime — what you put on your skin, daily — should not be one of them.


I created TYM Botanicals: to empower you to take the best care of the people you love, the planet, and most of all yourself. With no compromises required.

Natural. Potent. Effective. Our ingredients are just the beginning.

We're constantly seeking out the best available resources— from the latest scientific advances to botanical extracts used for centuries—to create products that are better, in so many ways.

Safe for the you and the planet, our formulas deliver superb experiences and dermatology proven results.

You wont find any animal ingredients or animal byproducts in any of our products, and we're PETA certified. And our steadfast standards don't stop there: Our products are produced, developed, packaged and shipped to you in ways that minimize our impact on the planet. We focus on every detail, so you can reap the benefits, care free.

Social good

Giving back is something deeply rooted in our culture. We donate 1% of all sales to the Rett Syndrome Organization, which accelerates research to treat and cure Rett syndrome, while empowering families with knowledge, information and connectivity.

Motivated by a
Beautiful Mission

When I began creating TYM, I had the vision to create a brand in dedication to my sister and other children diagnosed with Rett syndrome. TYM derived from my sisters name, TYler Mary J. At the tender age of two, Tyler was diagnosed with Rett syndrome. This rare genetic disorder impaired her ability to walk, speak, breathe and care for herself— for life.

Although it robbed her of her independence, it didn't rob her of her beauty. Over the years, I’ve watched Tyler face her daily challenges with courage. Her tenacity inspired me to face my fears and pursue my inner calling with TYM Botanicals being the result.

I created TYM to be more than a company that puts out products that claims to care about its environment and community, but rather to put action to our words. Being a small business owner and black woman, it’s essential for me to connect with my community through my work. All of our formulations are conduit to ensuing and harvesting that connection in an authentic and truthful way based on our means as a small company, feeling very sentimental to me.