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We’re a genderless skincare brand empowering people to live a consciously sustainable life.


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chemical vs. organic

Organic ingredients are grown without the use of conventional pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewage, and are processed without ionizing radiation or food additives. Increasingly organic production of food and animal products are requiring producers to obtain certification in order to market as organic, however, the use of the term organic is widely used without any certification or authentication in the skin care industry.

All TYM products are listed in INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) compliant format, which is necessary to make a product acceptable for entrance into international markets and sale in the United States. INCI names are generally the Latin names and English counterpart or the proper scientific name for all ingredients found in our products. INCI provides a standardized description, however, it does not provide information on the source of the ingredient. The source is as important as the ingredient itself as there are often several ways to obtain an ingredient, some naturally others synthetic. Wherever possible we have selected naturally occurring - or natural source ingredients.

shelf life & preservatives

TYM Botanicals is an innovative collection that is constantly evolving and improving as discoveries in cosmetic chemistry occur. While our products contain a substantial amount of organic oils, butters, extracts and plant materials we are not organic certified. We made the decision not to offer certified products because we want to use cutting edge, powerful skin conditioners which help your skin retain balance and vitality. To keep our products as fresh as possible, we run frequent small batches which are hand filled and packaged for you. We have developed a proprietary preservative system that is robust yet paraben-free.

Due to our very fresh content and ingredients, our products require special handling. Many TYM Botanicals formulations contain photo-sensitive ingredients that can be adversely affected by direct sunlight. To retain the efficacy of many of our ingredients, we sell all specialty treatment products in recyclable boxes.

We also recommend the use of spatulas when handling crèmes and masques to minimize contamination. A unique feature of TYM Botanicals products is their seasonal variation in the appearance which can change with the time of year and times of harvest for many of our raw materials. As with all natural products, we recommend you keep them fresh by storing in a cool dark place with stable and consistent room temperature. Never expose TYM Botanicals products to extreme heat or cold as it will compromise the emulsion and shelf life of the product.

Typical room temperature is 68-77 degree F (20-25 degrees C) and is the ideal environment for TYM Botanicals. When cosmetics of any kind are stored at higher temperatures, the preservative system is significantly deteriorated. A good rule of thumb is that; one week stored at temperatures higher than 85 degrees F is equal to three months shelf life.

As a small company, we understand the importance of conscious choices we make along the way that lead to the big answers and results that we strive for. For us, it's an evolution to do better and do more. But we hope to keep growing as we gain more access and opportunity to do so. As the founder, I do my best to consciously and thoughtfully choose materials, ingredients, practices, that holistically support my beliefs and goals. We have a long way to go and are learning along this journey. However, I am proud of what we have been able to evolve into and continue to move towards.

Olivia McFarlane

sustainability impact

TYM Ships using recyclable box mailers - made with around 30% mix of post-production and post-consumer waste. As well as compostable mailers made from a number of renewable plant-based materials.
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