• When I began creating TYM, I had the vision to create a brand in dedication to my sister and other children diagnosed with Rett syndrome. TYM derived from my sisters name, TYler Mary J. At the tender age of two, Tyler was diagnosed with Rett syndrome. 

    This rare genetic disorder impaired her ability to walk, speak, breathe and care for herself— for life.

  • Although it robbed her of her independence, it didn't rob her of her beauty. Over the years, I’ve watched Tyler face her daily challenges with courage. Her tenacity inspired me to face my fears and pursue my inner calling with TYM Botanicals being the result.

    I created TYM to be more than a company that puts out products that claims to care about its environment and community,

  • but rather to put action to our words.

    Being a small business owner and black woman, it’s essential for me to connect with my community through my work. All of our formulations are conduit to ensuing and harvesting that connection in an authentic and truthful way based on our means as a small company, feeling very sentimental to me.

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We are honored to be partnered with Rett Syndrome Organization. We donate 1% of all sales to rettsyndrome.org. Their mission is accelerate full spectrum research to cure Rett syndrome and empower families with information, knowledge and connectivity.

Before starting TYM, I had a vision to not only include a product that brought gratification to those who used It, but also dedicating and operating a business model that was vocal and action driven about a cause that myself and other families passionately believe in. I believe, it is always best to donate directly to the pockets of those you wish to support, I practice this within my means.

We are a small team, but we do feel mighty in growing towards giving back.Creating a brand that specifically focuses on that has been one of the most motivational things about the day to day in running TYM. Thank you to those who have supported our journey and evolution with us and for those who have helped us give back.

Thank you for helping us #OVERPOWERRETT.